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Easier Clogs for Wm & MenEasier Clogs for Wm & MenEasier Clogs for Wm & Men
Perfect for just slipping into and being comfy. Makes perfect gift items and also work up fast for craft show/bazaar items. As with all my patterns feel free to make an sell as many as you like!

These slippers work up relatively quickly. You will use 2 strands of worsted weight wool held together throughout. First the outer sole is knit, then the inner sole is knit, then the two are joined. You then continue on to knit the slipper top. There is seaming at the end but it is very easy whip-stitching. The slippers are then felted. This style of slipper has a bit more room in the toes, they are not narrow. You may use up to three colors of yarn; one for the outer sole, one for the inner sole, and one for the slipper top. Outer and inner sole can be the same color if you want, or you can, of course, use the same color all throughout. You will need 2 size 11 needles (if you donít have 2 you can slip sts temporarily onto another needle no problem). You will also need a size H crochet hook. There are a few (less than a dozen) scís and slip sts at the very end of the slipper, so basic crochet skills are needed.

Easier Clogs for Wm & Men