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Easy to make - use your 54 slot cylinder, big hook needles, and wool worsted weight yarn. Make sure you use plenty of weight as the yarn is thick, and set your machine at it's loosest tension. Size? Can make a Ladies Small, Med. and probably Large - All depends on the amount of time you let it felt.
Free CSM Travel Slipper PatternFree CSM Travel Slipper Pattern
Free CSM Travel Slipper Pattern
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In a nutshell....using your 54 slot cylinder, big hook needles and worsted weight wool yarn. Run waste yarn first, then knit 16 rounds with your wool yarn and hang a hem. Now knit 15 rounds of pre-heel. Knit your heel. Knit 60 rounds of foot. Knit your toe. Knit waste yarn. Remove and close toe. This will look exceptionally large and long. You will be felting this slipper. After Closing toe and making matching foot, use your favorite method for felting and felt down to size. I use my top-load washing machine, hot water, and set to heavy agitation. I stand guard and keep an eye on the slippers as they felt. Every 4 or 5 minutes I stop the agitation and pull the slippers out to check the sizing. Once your slippers have felted to the size you want them you can pull them out of the wash. Do not let them run thru the full cycle! Try them on, shape them, then let them air dry. Once dry I take scissors and cut a section of the ankle off to make a nice opening shape. (you will be cutting all of that hem off and then some.) Each pair may felt a little different so it is hard for me to give a pattern piece of what to cut off, use your own preference for how you want the slipper to look. I like mine to look like a "mule/scuff". If you don't cut any portion off the ankle it will just look like a felted sock. I use ribbing that I have cut off of an old recycled sweater but you may use any type of ribbing you like. Put right side of ribbing to wrong side of the inside of the slipper. Stitch a 1/8" seam. Now turn the ribbing over and pin it down to the right side of the outside slipper, top-stitch this down in place. Viola! slippers complete!