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A great way to use up those little bits you have leftover from sock making! Fast & Easy to make. Make on your Circular Sock Machine (or could be easily adapted to hand-knit, simply by making half a sock).
Free CSM Hooty Owl DirectionsFree CSM Hooty Owl Directions
Free CSM Hooty Owl Directions
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Product Description
Used my sock knitting machine with it's 54 slot cylinder. After waste yarn I knit 36 rows of color #1, 14 rows of color #2 then make heel (still using color #2). Change to waste yarn and remove. Close heel (head of owl). With sewing machine or by hand sew on felt eyes and beak. Stuff owl with stuffing, fold the waste yarn at the bottom to the inside and sew shut. Then, to make the little "wings" I stitch crossways (across the seam you just made to stitch the bottom closed) at each corner - a little triangle. Stitch a couple corresponding yarn/threads to top of head. I plan on making a whole basket of these and offering them for sale at the farmers market. Feel free to make and sell these - Have fun!!