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A great resource for all Bond knitting machine users (USM, ISM, Bond Elite, Bond Classic). Bond Stitch Encyclopedia Vol. 2. There are 26 pages! *Please note this is a pdf downloadable file, upon purchasing you will see a small "download" button, you can then download the file to your computer.
Stitch Encyclopedia Book Vol. 2
Stitch Encyclopedia Book Vol. 2
Item#: USMbook2

Product Description
A great resource! 26 pages! Volume 2 contains: Chapter 1-Short-Row Shaping, Short Rows Demystified, Uses for the Holding Position, Parts 1 and 2, Chapter 2-Weaving, On The Sweater Machine, Basic Weaving Technique, Pull-up Floats, Woven Patchwork, Double Pull-up Weave, Weaving With Beads 1 and 2, Put Weaving on Right Side of Work, E-Wrap Weaving, Weaving in End, Vertical Weaving, Fringing in Weaving, Vertical E-Wrap, Chapter 3-Blocking, The Tension or Gauge Swatch, Know Your Fiber, The Blocking Board, Chapter 4-Ribbings, Ribbing, Knitting Ribs, Hand Knitted Ribbings, Ribs & Hems for Bond Knitting, Rosemary Worth, Fisherman (or Shaker) Rib, Shaker Weave Variation, Chapter 5-Knitting with Bulky Yarns, Tips, and Specific Stitches.