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301 Knitting Hints & Tips

301 Knitting Hints & Tips

SKU: usmbook6

301 Knitting Hints & Tips by Rosemary Worth

This book was sold years ago by Bond-America. It is now out of print but I own the rights to all Bond-America products including this. It is filled with tons of hints and tips for the begining machine knitter as well as those advanced. Some examples of what is in this book: Make lace on your machine, whether it is a Bond or other knitting machine without automatic patterning capabilities. Sew up your knitted project, and have a professionally finished look. Create the Blister stitch, Open Wavy Lace Stitch, Front slip stitch, Basketweave, Trellis pattern, Honeycomb, Garter stitch, Rib stitch, and things you’ve never dreamed of doing. and much much more... 126 pages of info! This sale is for a PDF Downloadable file that will be available for download after purchasing.

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