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6.5mm Mid Gauge Garter Bar - SINGLE

6.5mm Mid Gauge Garter Bar - SINGLE


6.5mm Garter Bar for making garter stitch, fancy stitches, decreases, increasing, etc. Works with any 6.5mm mid-gauge knitting machine. This is one single garter bar that will fit half of your needlebed.  (it is 75 stitches)


*If you're purchasing a Garter Bar you may also consider getting the Needle Stopper to go with it.  A Needle Stopper will hold your needles perfectly still while you manipulate your garter bar.  Not only does it hold the needles from moving forward or backward but also side to side.


*Please note, I am currently unable to ship orders to Russia and Chile.


    You may return Kriskrafter items with 30 days of purchase for full product price refund.  Always email or call prior to returning.


    I try to always ship orders out within 24 (working) hours upon receiving your order.  I ship Mon-Fri.

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