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Bond Stitch Encyclopedia Vol. 2

Bond Stitch Encyclopedia Vol. 2

SKU: USMbook2

A great resource for all Bond knitting machine users (USM, ISM, Bond Elite, Bond Classic).

Bond Stitch Encyclopedia Vol. 2. There are 26 pages of great info on making all kinds of specialty stitches.


Volume 2 contains:

Chapter 1-Short-Row Shaping, Short Rows Demystified, Uses for the Holding Position, Parts 1 and 2.

Chapter 2-Weaving, On The Sweater Machine, Basic Weaving Technique, Pull-up Floats, Woven Patchwork, Double Pull-up Weave, Weaving With Beads 1 and 2, Put Weaving on Right Side of Work, E-Wrap Weaving, Weaving in End, Vertical Weaving, Fringing in Weaving, Vertical E-Wrap.

Chapter 3-Blocking, The Tension or Gauge Swatch, Know Your Fiber, The Blocking Board.

Chapter 4-Ribbings, Ribbing, Knitting Ribs, Hand Knitted Ribbings, Ribs & Hems for Bond Knitting, Rosemary Worth, Fisherman (or Shaker) Rib, Shaker Weave Variation.

Chapter 5-Knitting with Bulky Yarns, Tips, and Specific Stitches.


This is a digital file that is available immediately upon purchase.


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