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Options Slippers for Women - Crochet

Options Slippers for Women - Crochet

SKU: SS107

You will want to live in these slippers! The unique heels make them hug your feet in total comfort. These slippers make up super fast.

First you Crochet the tops, then you make your choice either Crochet, or Felted Sweater Sole. Then seam together with your choice of Stitch or crochet. And finally...wear and be happy!
The slippers with options!

Why do I have both the crochet and felted sweater Sole options in this pattern? Because they are both fast. If you’re in a hurry, need a quick project and can crochet very fast, then the crochet soles are for you. If you have a pre-felted sweater that you can cut your soles out of, then this is the fastest. -and felted soles may offer a little more softness/comfort. If crocheting the whole slipper, you will make the slipper all in one continuous piece; it will be folded and joined at the end. A fun and fast new way to make a great pair of slippers.

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