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Squidley Cowl

Squidley Cowl

SKU: sc100

A squidley little cowl! Leggy in the front for fashion and pointed in the back to add a little warmth to the back of your neck.

This is a very fast knit. It is only 29 rows! I made mine in an evening watching TV. You will use 2 strands of sock yarn (approx. 100 yds each) held together throughout. You can be creative with color by using 2 different sock yarns or use the same one doubled for a solid look. I prefer yarn with a little drape to it that perhaps has rayon or cotton in it. Such a small amount of sock yarn is needed that you may even be able to use leftovers! Knit with a U.S. size 8, 24” circular needle makes it easy to handle knitting in the round. Gauge is not terribly important for this pattern, I suggest achieving a gauge of somewhere between 3 - 4 sts per inch.

2 strands of sock yarn is recommended however, you may even use some worsted weight yarns (single strand) if you choose.

Most “Squidleys” will grow when you wash them so don’t be alarmed if at first your little squid seems kind of small.

As with all of my patterns feel free to make and sell as many as you like. Please note this purchase is a PDF file that you will be able to download after purchasing. There will be no physical copy mailed to you.


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