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Tooled OSTRICH Leather Purse -BLK ~by Montana Silversmiths

Tooled OSTRICH Leather Purse -BLK ~by Montana Silversmiths

SKU: 25601

An Investment worth protecting! Because our leather is hand-tooled and we use only high grade natural cowhides for both hair-on and hair-off varieties, no two pieces in our line will be identical. Each piece will have it's own unique characteristics and marks of distinction thus adding to its value and creating appeal for the consumer looking to enhance their own personality. To maintain the beauty of each select piece, our leather can be cleaned using a quality leather lotion. Reasonable cleaning, conditioning and care are essential for the life of any leather. For those products that feature genuine Montana Silversmiths silver accent trim, do not use chemical or abrasive cleaners on the hardware, simply wipe with a non-abrasive, soft, damp cloth. Measures 10.5 wide x 11 tall x 3.5 deep

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