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Wanna-be Vans for Men

Wanna-be Vans for Men

SKU: ss117

My kids wore Vanns sneakers, that’s all they’d wear for years. I decided to come up with a slipper pattern that had the look of Vans. Here is what I came up with. I am very pleased with how they came out. They have a nice fit, don’t slip at the heel and are very stretchy and cushy. Because my Options Slipper patterns have done so well, decided to make this a pattern with sole options too.

The top part of the slipper is knit. Knitting is easy/intermediate, you will use k, p, skp, and w&t. Yardage for the slipper top is: Worsted weight yarn approx. 105(125,160,190) yds. for main color. Worsted weight yarn approx. 32(40,45,50)yds. for contrast color

You can then either cut a sole (template included) out of an old felted sweater or some other material (I’ve used a thrift store suede jacket before), or you can knit the sole, or for speed, you can crochet the sole. Instructions for the knitted/crochet sole are included as well. The slipper top and the sole are sewn together using a blanket stitch or simple whip stitch whatever you prefer.

In the tips and hints section I also give you a suggestion as to how to make your slippers non-slip.

As with all of my patterns feel free to make and sell as many as you like. *Please note this purchase is a PDF file that you will be able to download after purchasing. There will be no physical copy mailed to you.

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