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Needle Beetle Needle Selector for LK machines

Needle Beetle Needle Selector for LK machines

SKU: NB100

Something new for the LK-150, LK-140, LK-100 users.


It's called the Needle Beetle needle selector. 

The Needle Beetle needle selector selects needles and pushes them in to "D" position so that you can then perform Tuck, Slip, Lace, Fairisle, etc. You hand select the first 8 needles in to the arrangement you want, then push the Needle Beetle across the needle bed and it will select the rest of the needles lickety spilt! Yes, this is similar to the old LS6 but a couple differences: first mine is all made in the U.S., not overseas, and secondly the old LS6 selected the needles only to "C" position - you had to then push them manually to "D" position.


The Needle Beetle will work on the 6.5mm LK-150, LK-140 (and also, I believe the Japanese machine GK-370), as well as the 9mm LK-100/Zippy 90.  * no , it will not fit other machines.

You will need to select which machine you are ordering for, then your Needle Beetle will be set for that machine.  You can change out the bottom cam at any time to use on a different machine, example: had been using on an LK-150 but want to use it on an LK-100, it's a quick and simple flipping of the bottom cam. 


Check out the video demonstration above by picture. 


*If you are looking for the Needle Beetle II to fit the Brother KX and convertible machines, please click here:


*Please note, I am currently unable to ship orders to Russia, Ukraine, So. Africa, China and Chile.


    You may return Kriskrafter items with 30 days of purchase for full product price refund.  Always email or call prior to returning.


    I try to always ship orders out within 24 (working) hours upon receiving your order.  I ship Mon-Fri.

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