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  • The Needle Beetle needle selector for the LK machines

  • Stainless Steel Cast on Combs for the Bond (USM/ISM).

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I am the creator of the open track Garter Bar for Machine Knitters. Check out the Garter bars, Needle stoppers and tools for machine knitters.

I have now purchased the rights to the Bond-America (Ultimate Sweater Machine) product and printed publications. For those looking for the old books please check out the link above to the Ultimate Sweater Machine Books. These are e-books that are available for sale and are instantly downloadable. I will be adding publications over time so keep checking back!

I also write Hand-knit patterns, specializing in Slipper patterns.

I manufacture a hand-crank Yarn Twister for those folks wanting to twist up several strands of thinner yarns to make a new thicker yarn. Many machine knitters have had use of these twisters over the years for yarn use on their Bulky machines.

Click on any of the products in the next section to take you to the location you are interested in. All patterns for sale are an immediate download.  Physical orders requiring shipping are generally shipped with 24-48 hours.

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